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四. 图表作文



  Study the following graph carefully and write an essay in which you should

  1) Interpret the graph.
  2) Give your comments.

  You should write 160-200 words neatly.


  What Jobs Do College Graduates Want To Do

  College students have a clear idea about their future occupation and boys are to some extent different from girls in their choice as is seen from the graph.

  The most striking contrast is in the occupation of teaching: 45% of girl students would like to become teachers after graduation whereas only 5% of boys want to do this job. What boys like to do most is to become managers (40%) and the second largest group is to be businessmen (30%). Girls also like to pursue these two professions, with a percentage of 15% and 25% respectively choosing these two jobs. 15% of boys want to become lawyers while 10% of girls preferring this profession.

  Teaching is preferred by females as it provides a more regular and purer life. Womens patience also fits the job well. Boys consider working as scientists, managers, businessmen and lawyers more demanding and stimulating, so more boys want to show their talents in these fields. One thing worthy of note is that the numbers of girls wanting to do business is not small. This shows that girls also want to do the challenging and exciting jobs.






  Directions: the table below shows the information about the metro system in six cities. Write a descriptive essay. You should write 160-200 words.

  LondonParisTokyoWashingtonLos AngelBeijing





  The above table describes the situation regarding underground transportation in London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington, Los Angel, and Beijing. The major cities founded their subway system in the 20th century, which was in Tokyo, Washington, and Paris. London firstly completed its underground work and began to operate in 1863. The latest time that Los Angel had had its subway was after 139 years.

  London has the longest underground railway distance, which is almost a time than Paris. Tokyo, Washington and Los Angel have similar datum which are 149, 114 and 123 kilometer respectively. Beijing only contains 50 kilometers of route length.

  Though the longest route is London, the most carrying capacity is Tokyos subway system. It carried about 1434 million passengers each year, while 548 million people in London at the same time. The figures in Washington are not achieved 100, only 70 each year. Beijing only carries 45 million people which is the lowest carrying capacity in all cities.





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