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 二. 提纲作文



  A. Title: Only Stricter Traffic Laws Can Prevent Accidents

  B. Word Limit: 160-200 words

  C.Your composition should be based on the Outline given below:

  1. every day, thousands of people died from traffic accident in the world.

  2. a.Drivers pay no attention to their driving behavior.

  b.the whole society indulgent towards the peace breaker, too much traffic in both the city and the countryside.

  3.make laws and regulations to prevent accidents.

  Only Stricter Traffic Laws Can Prevent Accidents

  Though the possibility of living a long and happy life is greater than ever before, every day we cites the incredible slaughter of men, women and children on the roads. Man versus the motorcar! It is a neverending battle which man is losing. Thousands of people in the world are killed or horribly mutilated each year and we are quietly sitting back and letting it happen.

  It has been rightly said that when a man is sitting behind a steering wheel, his car becomes the extension of his personality. There is no doubt that the motorcar often brings out a mans very worst qualities. People who are normally quiet and pleasant may become unrecognizable when they are behind a steeringwheel. They are illmannered and aggressive, willful as twoyear olds and utterly selfish.

  The surprising thing is that society smiles so benignly on the motorist and seems to condone his behavior. Everything is done for his convenience. Cities are allowed to become almost uninhabitable because of heavy traffic; the countryside is desecrated by road networks; and the mass annual slaughter becomes nothing more than a statistic, to be conveniently forgotten.

  It is high time a world code were created to reduce this senseless waste of human life. With regard to driving, laws of some countries are notoriously lax and even the strictest are not strict enough. A code which was universally accepted could only have dramatically beneficial effect on the accident rate.








  There is a heated discussion on airconditioner "price battle" in a newspaper.

  Write an essay to the newspaper

  1) giving a brief introduction to the issue.
  2) stating your view about the "price battle", and
  3) justifying your prediction.

  You should write 160-200 words.

  With the rapid advances in the living standard of the Chinese people in recent years, airconditioners have joined other household electrical appliances as items in great demand. However, output has far exceeded supply, as manufacturers have scrambled for sales in this profitable market. As a result, fierce competition has driven them to resort to all sorts of measures to pull ahead of their rivals and avoid going bankrupt.

  These measures include aggressive advertising campaigns, offering a free gift with every purchase of an airconditioner, and most important of all, lowering prices. Price wars are a common phenomenon whenever supply outstrips demand in a freemarket economy, and Chinas newly liberalized economy is no exception. Nevertheless, I do not think we will see a repeat of the recent price war in the airconditioner market in the future

  I have three reasons for my prediction. The first is that the earlier round of pricecutting eliminated the lessefficient manufacturers from the industry; so there are fewer companies supplying the market. The second is that the government has taken measures to regulate the airconditioner market, eliminating the chaos that price wars entail. And the third is that with Chinas admission to the WTO, manufacturers will have to offer more attractive-not cheaper-products.





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