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一. 主题句作文


  Title: Dictionary

  (1) The dictionary is a living teacher.
  (2) Skills will develop with your constant use of various dictionaries.
  (3) But you should have one thing in mind.


  The dictionary is living teacher. Whenever you come across a new word, just consult it and you will get a clear definition from it. Every student, no matter attending school or self-taught, should always have a dictionary at hand. As a study aid, it is convenient, inexpensive and allknowing.

  Skills will develop with your constant use of various dictionaries The more you use them, the more familiar you will become with them. Sooner or later, you will be quite skilled in finding the page, scanning the entries and locating the exact meaning of the new words.

  But you should have one thing mind. As a language student, you should never depend too much on dictionaries. Basic language skills do not come from dictionaries, but from your practice. For some extensive reading, for example, you need not account to a dictionary every time you encounter a new word, you could just guess the meaning and skip it. Learn the language by listening, speaking, reading and writing more, and that is the only way to the mastery of a language.








  Title: Help Children to Be Independent

  The topic sentence is provided as follows:

  (1) Today in China, many families have only one child.
  (2) There are some ways to help children to be independent.
  (3) To be independent is good for the children

  You should write 160-200 words.

  Help Children to Be Independent

  Today in China, many families have only one child. So the children usually doted upon by all family members. Gradually some of them get used to depending on their parents and lack the ability to solve problems independently.

  There are some ways to help children to be independent. Firstly, the child should have a chance to see the world around him. He must understand that therere various competitions in this world, and everyone can find his right position in the society only by individual efforts. Secondly, the parents should give the child enough help to make him feel comfortable. Its impossible to ask a child not to depend on parents at once. A child needs help from the beginning. Without any help, the child may lose his faith. Thirdly, parents should let his child make decisions, which can temper his ability to deal with problems. A child should be praised when he is successful or when he fails.

  To be independent is good for the children, because no parents can accompany the children for the whole life. It is the child himself who is responsible for her own fate. Only an independent person can live and succeed in this world.






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