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The China boom is by now a well-documented phenomenon. Who hasn't heard of the Middle Kingdom's startling economic growth (8 percent annually), its enormous consumer market (1.2 billion people), the investment ardor of foreign suitors ($40 billion in foreign direct investment last year alone)? China is an economic marvel. According to Nicholas Lardy of the Brookings Institution, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, "No country has expanded its foreign trade as fast as China over the last 20 years. Japan doubled its foreign trade over a 20-year period; China's foreign trade as quintupled. They've become the main producer of labor-intensive manufacturing goods in the world."

  But there's been something missing from the dazzling China growth story—namely, the Chinese multinational. No major Chinese companies have yet established themselves, or their brands, on the global stage. But as Haier shows, that is starting to change. After 100 years of poverty and chaos, of being overshadowed by foreign countries and multinationals, Chinese industrial companies are starting to make a mark on the world. (170 words)

  1. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

  A. the startling Middle Kingdom

  B. China’s economic growth

  C. China’s economic marvel

  D. the increase of China's foreign trade

  2. What does “suitor” in the first paragraph mean?

  A. A man who is courting a woman.

  B. A person who makes a petition or request.

  C. A person who sues in court.

  D. A person or group seeking to purchase.

  3. What does Nicholas Lardy’s remark mean?

  A. China has succeeded economically over the last 20 years.

  B. China did better than Japan in economy.

  C. China’s foreign trade developed the fastest in the world.

  D. China is the main producer of in the world.

  4. By the phrase “something missing”, the author refer to

  A. the less dazzling achievements

  B. the Chinese multinational

  C. lack of world famous brand

  D. Haier company

  5. Why is Haier cited in the 2nd paragraph?

  A. To show it is starting to change.

  B. To show an example of a large company.

  C. To show a Chinese company of world fame.

  D. To show a change in Chinese industrial companies.


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