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Supplementary Lease Contact
Both parties signing this Supplementary Lease Contact (hereinafter referred to as “Supplementary Contact):
出租方(以下简称[甲方]): 潘欣欣
身份证/ 护照号码:
Lessor (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”):
ID Card/ Passport No. _____
承租方(以下简称[乙方]): 马来西亚木材理事会
ID Card/ Passport No. ________________
Party A agrees to rent out the property to Party B, whereby both parties, through full consultation, make and enter into this Supplementary Lease Contact to be faithfully observed by both parties. This Supplementary Lease Contact is an integral part of “Guangzhou City Property Lease Contract” (hereinafter referred to as “the Master Contract”).
第1条 物业名称、地址及面积
第22 层 17号单元(以下简称[该物业])
建筑面积 112.36 平方米
Article 1: Name, Address and Area of the Property
CITIC Plaza, No. 233, North Tianhe Road, Guangzhou City (hereinafter referred to as “The Plaza”) to as “This Property”)
第2条 用途
Article 2: Purpose
This property is only used as the office.
第3条 租期
自 2011年 11 月_ 10 日起至 2013 年 11 月_ 25日止,装修免租期,从年月日至无须支付租金,但须缴付物业管理费及电费等由于租赁产生的费用。
Article 3: Lease Period
The Lease Period is from the decoration rent-free period is , during which Party B does not need to pay the rental but has to pay the real property management fees, the electricity fees and other expenses incurred from the property leasehold.
第4条 租金、管理费、电费及其它费用
Article 4: Rental, Management Fees, Electricity Fees and other Expenses
第一章 租金、保证金及支付方式
Chapter One: Rental, Security Deposit and Mode of Payment
1. During the contract period, Party B shall pay to Party A the rentals every month, as follows:
从 2011年 11 月_ 26 日起至 2013年_ 11 月25 _日每月租金为人民币;此租金包含租金发票,不包括租赁期间产生的管理费及其它由于租赁产生的费用。
The monthly rental is the rental shall be covered by the Rent invoice, but not include the management fees and other expenses incurred during the lease period.
2. The rental will be calculated by the natural month and Party B must pay to Party A the next month’s rental prior to _every month (it shall be automatically extended to the first working day after the holiday if it falls on a Chinese statutory holiday), and Party A shall provide Party B with the legal lease tax invoice within 10 working days after Party A acknowledges the receipt of the rental.
33. Party B must pay to Party A the following amounts in a lump sum when the contract is signed, totaling
VI. 首月租金人民币
I. Security deposit (equivalent to two months’ rentals): ;
II. Security deposit for Electricity Fees shall be calculated according to 23.16/ sq.m., namelyIII. Security deposit for Management Fees (equivalent to two months’ Management Fees):
¥ 6516.80 yuan;;
VI. Initial rental:
4. The Contract Stamp Duty shall be paid by Party A and Party B respectively in accordance with the relevant regulations of the government (1‰ of 2‰ of the total rental amounts for the lease period shall be paid by either party thereto; where the government adjusts the tax rate, both parties thereto shall execute the adjusted tax rate accordingly).
5. At the expiry of the lease period and after the contract is terminated, Party A will return
the Security deposit without interests to Party B within five working days after Party B
pays off all rentals and the relevant expenses and fully performs the liabilities and
obligations thereof. If the security deposit is not returned, for each overdue day, a default
penalty of 1% of the returned security deposit amount shall be paid to Party B.
Chapter Two: Methods for Paying Electricity Fees, Phone Fees
1、电费——乙方以实际使用量及政府每度用电收费标准每月底向管理公司 缴纳电费。
1. Electricity fees—Party B shall pay the electricity fees to the management company according to the actual power consumption and the government’s charge standard per KWhr at the end of each month.
2. Telecommunications Fee- Party B’s telephone charges (including the local call, long-distance call and international long-distance call fees), the fax, broadband network and other telecommunication and line rent/use fees shall be paid by Party B according to the bills issued by the city telephone bureau and the relevant organization.
第5条 付款
Article 5: Payment
乙方应以人民币支付履约保证金。而租金则在每月 26 日之前以人民币存入甲方指定之
Party B shall pay the security deposit in RMB yuan. The rental shall be deposited into the bank
The Bank A/C designated by Party A: Bank Name: Bank Account No.:
Article 6: Indoor decoration facilities:
Party A shall provide the following indoor decoration facilities to Party B for use during the lease period:
1. Central air-conditioning system
2. Automatic sprinkler system and Smoke detector
3. Ceilings and glass door interval
4. Indoor ceiling lighting lamp panel
5. on the floor
Remarks: Party A will deliver the property in the current indoor status to Party B. Where Party B has a second indoor decoration for the property, he/she/it will return the property in the state after the second indoor decoration to Party A when he/she/it throws a lease.
第6条 出入所租单元
Article 7: Appointment for a temporary visit to the leased property
At the expiry of the lease period and in the event that Party B does not extend/renew the leasehold, Party A can take the new tenant into the property for an inspection on condition that it has given Party
B a prior written notice within three month prior to the expiry of the contract. In this case, Party B shall cooperate positively and shall not reject it.
第7条 乙方的责任
Article 8: Party B’s liabilities
Party B agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions during the lease period:
1. To accept the unified management of the management company and observe the plaza decoration manual and the daily management matters of the public places and facilities in the plaza and the real property management rules worked out and amended from time to time to ensure the mutual benefit or interests of both parties.
2. Party B shall pay the rental, management fees, electricity fees and all other relevant fees and expenses on a timely basis. In the event of any failure of such payment, Party A may exercise the following rights to Party B:
(I) 乙方如逾期七个工作天没有缴付租金,甲方有权即时要求乙方立即缴付租金,逾期支付租金甲方可按照每逾期一日按欠款总目取滞纳金。
(I) Where Party B fails to pay the due rental beyond 7 working days, Party A retains the right to immediately ask Party B to pay the rental without delay, and for each overdue day, Party
A shall collect a default penalty at 2% of the total arrears.
(II) 乙方如拖欠租金、管理费、电费达七个工作天,甲方有权即时通过管理公司向乙方发出书面通知要求乙方立即缴付欠款及滞纳金(如有),如乙方收到该书面通知后两天内仍未缴足欠款,甲方有权即时要求管理公司停止向该物业供应电、中央空调或该广场内之其它设施,但是甲方应提前24小时书面通知乙方其将采取停止向该物业供应电、中央空调或该广场内之其它设施之相关措施。甲方有权即时收回该物业及保留向乙方追讨租金和其它损失的权利。
(II) Where Party B fails to pay the due rental, management fees and electricity fees beyond 7 working days, Party A has the right to send a written notice to Party B through the management company, asking Party B to immediately pay off the arrears and the default penalty, if any. Where Party B fails to pay in full the arrears within two days after the receipt of the written notice, Party
A has the right to ask the management company to stop the supply of power to the property, the central air-conditioner or any other facilities within the plaza,however Party A shall notify Party
B in writing 24 hours in advance the measures to be taken, such as stopping the supply of power to the property, the central air-conditioner, etc.. Party A also has the right to resume the property and retains the right to recover the rental and any other losses
3、 乙方在租赁期内,必须以合理防御措施,保护该物业内设备及装修设施无损(自然折旧及由于第十三条款所列原因而引致的损毁除外)。乙方不得擅自改变该物业的结构、用途及装修。乙方如因故意或过失造成该物业及其设备与装修设施的毁损,须负责恢复原状(自然折旧除外及由于本合同第十三条款所列原因而引致的损毁除外)或赔偿合理之经济损失,并且毁损该物业内牵涉到该广场的大厦中央系统设施及设备(包括消防、保安、空调、通讯、电器等系统)的维修,由管理公司指定该广场或该物业专业人员负责维修,费用由乙方承担。乙方如须重新装修该物业需获得甲方书面许可,方可由乙方委派装修工程公司负责装修,重新装修费用
甲方: 乙方:
鉴于 老师第一次来京,很多情况不熟悉,出于人文关怀,学校首次为其支付电费1200度600元人民币的费用。若截至11月30日,实际消耗电数超出1200度,则其余由 自行负担。若2013年之后, 老师继续执教,则学校每月可为其负担200度电的费用,超出部分自负。
4、学校对任课教师的有关规定同样适用于 老师,请务必严格遵守,如工作职责、课堂规范、工作纪律、学校集体活动等等。同时,学校也将保障他相应的福利。
签字: 签字:Supplementary agreement
In order to guarantee the interests of the school and the foreign teacher and facilitate the smooth development of teaching and the foreign teacher’s safe and orderly life, we clarify our respective responsibility further and add additional terms listed as follows: Party a:Party b:
1, the rented accommodation is only for the teacher. The foreign
teacher shouldn’t allow others to live in the apartment in order to avoid accidents.
2, during the work, the foreign teacher should have the civilized words and deeds and won’t develop any improper friendship or relationship (such as love, etc.) with students.
3, the foreign teacher will bear the cost of utilities (such as water bill) and Internet flow fee (90yuan per month). The school is only
responsible for the accommodation expenses, not including other living expenses.
As the foreign teacher first comes to Beijing, he is not familiar with a lot of things. To show humanistic care, the school has paid the power bill (600 yuan for 1200 degrees). By November 30, if the actual
consumption power number is more than 1200 degrees, the foreign teacher should pay the rest. If the foreign teacher continues to teach in CuiWei middle school, the school will bear the cost of 200 degrees per month, but the excess part is borne by the foreign teacher. The school has installed the broadband network and the foreign
teacher should burden Internet flow fee (about 90 yuan ) every month. So the foreign teacher will pay 270 yuan for the cost of 3 months.
4, the foreign teacher shall observe the school’s work system and regulations concerning administration of subject teachers such as job duties, classroom norms, work discipline, school group activities. Also, the foreign teacher shall complete the tasks agreed on schedule and guarantee the quality of work. At the same time, the school will also ensure his corresponding welfare.
Party a: Party b:
Signature: Signature:
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