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一、听力(20分):略 二、单选填空(共15小题,15分,每小题1分) 21. No matter how busy he is, Tom makes ______ a rule to see his grandparents every weekend. A this B that C it D him 22. Tom is ______ fantastic musician. I’m absolutely certain that his next concert will be ______ success. A the , a B the , 不填 C a , a D a , 不填 23. The purpose of the article is to draw public attention ______ the traffic problem. A to B on C in D for 24. –What do you think of your new ipad? --Good. I can’t find a ______ one. A worst B best C worse D better 25. Whenever you ______ a present, you’d better think about it from the receiver’s preference. A bought B buy C will buy D have bought 26. You will never be successful _____ you are fully devoted to you work. A because B unless C if D when 27. I’ve ordered some pizza, so we _____ worry about cooking when we get home tired. A can’t B may not C needn’t D dare not 28. –Long time no see! Where have you been? --I went to Ningxia and ______ there for one year, teaching as a volunteer. A stayed B stay C had stayed D am staying 29. The most unforgettable moment for me was _____ I graduated from high school. A when B where C how D why 30. We won’t start the work until all the preparations _____. A are being made B will be made C have been made D had been made 31. Group activities will be organized in and after class _____ children develop team spirit. A helping B having helped C helped D to help 32. It was David dreamed to be an interpreter, _____ he joined a translation club at the age of 16. A but B so C or D for 33. Although _____ by the opposite team, the players were not discouraged but practiced harder. A beating B beaten C having beaten D being beaten 34. Paris has some great museums _____ visitors can see fine works of impressionist painters. A that B which C when D where 35. ______ the past year as an exchange student in Hong Kong, Linda is more independent now. A Spending B Spent C To spend D Having spent 三、完形填空(共15小题,15分。每小题1分) 阅读下面短文,从各题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的答案。 We could all say that we have bad days as we go through life, but what does it take to have a really good day? I remember a day recently when I had to go to the 36 for special tests because I wasn’t feeling well and my doctor sent me to a specialist to try and find the cause of my illness. As I 37 to the hospital, I was feeling sad and certainly wasn’t on top of my game. As I approached the hospital, I began my 38 for a parking spot. I finally found one not too far from the entrance to the hospital. As I got out and brought my change out of my pocket, I noticed a man looking a little 39 standing in front of a parking meter(停车记时收费表 ) two cars away. He seems to be searching his pockets for what I supposed were 40 for the meter. Although I 41 didn’t feel that great, I thought that I should at least go over to him and find out if I could 42 him. As I approached him, he turned to me looking worried. I asked him if he had a problem I could help with. He said that he had no coins at all 43 he was only thinking about visiting his sick wife when he left his house. I reached into my pocket and 44 out two dollars and gave it to him without saying a word. And, without waiting for a 45 , I turned on my heel and said to him as I was walking away:”Have a good day.” The funny thing was that I felt a lot 46 , a small smile came to my face, and second to walk just a little quicker. I was walking away when he called out:”Thank you so much.”You know, I didn’t even 47 him to say anything. He didn’t have to say a word to me. It was simply enough to 48 that I had helped someone else who needed a little 49 . That’s all it took to bring a smile to my face as I went on toward completing my own business. You know, it doesn’t 50 much to help someone else. 36. A.hospital B.school C.gym D.company 37. A.walked B.ran C.rode D.drove 38. A.search B.plan C.travel D.design 39. A.tired B.worried C.puzzled D.bored 40. A.tools B.keys C.coins D.batteries 41. A.really B.suddenly C.finally D.probably 42. A.help B.understand C.follow D.join 43. A.while B.although C.unless D.because 44. A.turned B.dropped C.pulled D.sent 45. A.call B.cheer C.regret D.response 46. A.safer B.younger C.brighter D.easier 47. A.tell B.expect C.remind D.encourage 48. A.trust B.hope C.share D.know 49. A.courage B.patience C.hand D.guide 50. A.mean B.take C.make D.save 四 阅读理解(共15小题,30分,每小题2分) 第一节:阅读下面短文,从各题A、B、C、D四个选项中选出答案。


Welcome to Our Festival March 7 2016

Story Show in Oheron Adults 8:00 pm -10:00 pm Join in us for an evening of true, personal stories about science. Come to the only show where you can hear people——scientists, not-scientists, and half-scientists——tell funny and touching stories about the role of science in their lives. Cost: $10 Make Your Own iPhone Case through Toysinbox 3D Printing Families & Teens & Adults 10:00 am – 12:30 pm In this workshop, you will learn to design and 3D print your own iPhone case. First, you will learn how to use a 3D printer. Next, you will design a 3D model for your iPhone case that will have a lovely pattern and your name. Once you create the model, you will print it out on our 3D printers. A 3D printing worker will guide you through this process step-by-step. Come and enjoy this fun and unique learning experience! Cost: $35 DIY Underwater Vehicle Design in MIT Museum Teens 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Dive into the world of ocean engineering by designing and building an underwater vehicle! Test your vehicle in large tanks on the Museum’s floor. Show off your engineering creations and share your design process with Museum visitors. Cost: $15, Ages 12 Animal Kingdom for Young Ones in Museum of Science, Boston Families 9:30 am – 2:00 pm Join us for a day of hands-on science fun designed especially for pre-schoolers! Activities include the Museum’s popular “Live Animal Story Time” shows and a talk about baby animals and book-signing by children’s book authors. Drop in on special live animal visits and activities in the exhibition halls, as well as design challenges and lab activities——all created with your young scientist in mind! Cost: Free, Ages Pre-kindergarten——Age 8 51. What can people do in Story Show? A. Do role-play games. B. Put on science shows. C. Hear touching stories. D. Meet authors of the books. 52. If you are interested in ocean engineering, you will probably attend_______________. A. Story Show B. DIY Underwater Vehicle Design C. Make Your Own iPhone Case D. Animal Kingdom for Young Ones 53. Animal Kingdom for Young Ones is designed for ____________. A. adults B. children of all ages C. kids under 8 years old D. children aged twelve and older 54. What is the subject of the festival? A. Sports. B. Science. C. Literature. D. Education.

B Since 1936, many female space explorers have followed Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova. Let’s look at the missions(任务) of four important female astronauts to find out what astronauts do in space. In 1983, Sally Ride became the first American women in space. Her team carried out scientific experiments in space and put two communications satellites in space. Satellites make it possible for us to communicate instantly with each other across the world through TV, radio, and telephones. In 1984, Kathryn Sullivan became the first American women to walk in space. During her mission, she discovered important information about the sun’s energy and how it affects the climate in very hot and very cold places on Earth. She also took photographs of Earth and measured air pollution. In 1992, Mae Jemison became the first African-American in space. During her mission, she did scientific experiments using the weightless atmosphere. In space, there is no gravity, so everything floats! Dr. Jemison’s experiments gave important information about the human body to produce better medicines and healthcare. In 2012, Liu Yang became the first Chinese women in space. She did experiments in space medicine, which look at how astronauts can survive and stay healthy in space. The conditions in space are very hard on the body and space medicine helps astronauts work safely.

55. Who collected important information about air pollution? A. Valentina Tereshkova. B. Sally Ride. C. Kathryn Sullivan. D. Mae Jemison 56. What did Dr. Jemison’s experiments focus on? A. Human body. B. Space satellites. C. Climate on earth. D. Energy from the sun. 57. Liu Yang’s mission aimed at ________. A. providing information about environment B. protecting astronauts’ health in space C. improving communication on Earth D. testing the weightless atmosphere 58. Which of the following can be the best title for the passage? A. Great Walking in Space B. Conditions in Space C. Healthcare in Space D. Women in Space C Worst Game Ever? E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a video game that came out for the Atari 2600 game system in 1982. It was based on a very popular film of the same name. Star programmer Howard Warshaw created it with consultation from the film director Steven Spielberg. It was July 27th, 1982. Howard Warshaw was hot off the success of his most recent game, Raiders of the Lost Ark. He received a call from Atari C.E.O, Ray Kassar. Atari had bought the rights to make a video game version of Spilberg’s Movie, E.T., which had just been released(发行) in June. Kassar told Warshaw that Spielberg had specifically asked for Warshaw to make the game Warshaw was honored, but there was one huge problem. Atari needed the game finished by September 1st in order to start selling it during the Christmas season. It had taken Warshaw six months to create Raiders of the Lost Ark. The game he made prior to that took him seven months. He was expected to create E.T. in around five weeks. Warshaw accepted the challenge anyway and production began. Spielberg wanted Warshaw to create a simple maze game similar to Pac-man, but V had a bigger vision. He wanted players to explore different environments in 3D world. Usually companies like Atari have people test games before releasing them, but they decided to skip testing due to time limitations. The game was a hot holiday item at first. Unfortunately, Atari overestimated how many they would sell. They made 5 million copies and they only sold 1.5 million. Most people who played the game hated it. The graphics(画面)were bad. Game play was awkward. Players got stuck in holes that they couldn’t escape. Some people who stuck with the game grew to like it, but it wasn’t the mainstream success that Atari had hoped it would be. Too many copies of the game sat on store shelves. One employee remembers the game being discounted five times, from $49.95 to less than a dollar. A newspaper in New Mexico reported that between 10 and 20 semitrailer truckloads of Atari products were crushed and buried at landfill in Alamogordo. Atari lost over $100 million on E.T.. The game was so bad that it was said to have affected Atari’s reputation. The video game industry soon fell into a deep depression, with a profit $3.2 billion in 1983 to just over $100 million in 1985, almost a 97% drop. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial will long be remembered as one of the worst games ever made, if not one of the causes of the decline of entire video game industry. 59. What can we learn about Howard Warshaw from the passage? A. He was ambitious. B. He was cautious. C. He was unreliable. D. He was inexperienced. 60. Why did E.T. end up one worst video game ever? A. It was produced in a hurry. B. It was set in a 3D environment. C. It was released at a wrong time. D. It was based on a popular movie. 61. According to the passage, the failure of the game E.T. may have____ A. destroyed the reputation of the film E.T. B. given chances to other companies to rise C. led to the fall of the video game industry D. made people lose interest in 3D environment 62. In the passage the author describes Atari’s failure________ A. in a disapproving way B. with a supportive attitude C. with a feeling of pity for the company D. without expressing his/her own opinions 第二节:阅读下面短文和问题,根据短文内容和每个题后的具体要求,在答题卡相应题号后的横线上写下相关信息,完成对该问题的回答。答语要意思清楚,结构正确,书写工整。 It’s 2010, outside the gate of a school somewhere in the UK. Some teenagers are talking. One says to another,” I’m tired of jamming after school---it’s really vanilla. Let’s go for a za, OK?” Two adults are walking past. They hear what the teenagers are saying, but they don’t understand a word. (What the teenagers said was,” I’m tired of hanging around after school---it’s really boring. Let’s go for a pizza.”) This is nothing new---teenagers always invent new words and phrases. They create words for everyday things---words that mean good or porents or bad or good-looking, and so on. Look at these different ways of saying good in recent decades: 1960s---groovy (or fab) 1970s---neat 1980s---ace 1990s---wicked 2000s---cool But, of course, the words you use depend on your interests, your friends, the music you listen to and the part of the country you live in. Different groups of teenagers have different likes and dislikes, and so they also have different expressions. So why do teenagers invent new words, or invent new meanings for old words? Many people think it’s because they don’t want adults to understand, but that probably isn’t true---the real reason is that teenagers like to be creative and play with language, so they have fun creating new words. And what do parents and old people think about it all? Most of them don’t worry about it---after all, they had their own special words when they teenagers too. But, some adults complain about “teen talk” and get quite annoyed by it. But that’s all part of the fun for the teenagers! 63. What is the way of teenagers’ saying good in the 2000s?(只用一个单词) ____________________________________________________________________________ 64. Why do teenagers invent new words? (不多于七个单词) ____________________________________________________________________________ 65.What is the topic of the passage? (不多于四个单词) ____________________________________________________________________________

五、书面表达(共1小题,20分) 根据题目所提出的具体要求,在答题卡上写出一篇连贯完整的短文,词数不少于60. 假如你是李华,来自澳大利亚的交换生Jack春节期间要来北京体验中国文化,你将负责一天的接待。请参考下面提供的信息,给他发邮件,介绍一天的活动安排。 邮件的开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。 Time Activities morning go to Ditan Temple Fair(庙会) •learn about Chinese folk arts •watch dragon and lion dances •eat local traditional snacks afternoon ...

Dear Jack, I’m so glad you’re coming to Beijing during the Spring Festival season._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. What do you think of the arrangements? If you have any other plans, just let me know. Li Hua 2016年北京市春季普通高中会考 一、听力理解(共20小题,20分,每小题1分) 1-5 BBCAA 6-10 BBCCA 11-16 ACBABC 二、单项填空 21-25 CCADB 26-30 BCAAC 31-35 DBBDD 三、完形填空 36-40 ADABC 41-45 AADCD 46-50 CBDCB 四、阅读理解 51-55 CBCBC 56-60 ABDAA 61-62 CD 63. Cool. 64. Because they have fun creating new words. 65. Teen talk. 五、书面表达 Possible version: Dear Jack, I’m so glad you’re coming to Beijing during the Spring Festival season. It’s the best time to experience Chinese holiday culture. I’ve planned a one-day tour for you in Beijing. In the morning, we will go to Ditan Temple Fair, one of the biggest in Beijing. There you’ll learn about typical Chinese folk arts such as paper cuts and calligraphy artwork. We’ll also watch dragon and lion dances, an important celebration show for the holiday. At noon, we will try some local snacks there. I’m sure it’ll be a new experience for you. I know you are interested in Peking Opera, so we’ll go to Beijing Liyuan Theatre in the afternoon. You will see what different opera mask colors mean. I believe the stage performance will impress you most! What do you think of the arrangements? If you have any other plans, just let me know. Li Hua

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