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【导语】父亲节(Father's Day),顾名思义是感恩父亲的节日。约始于二十世纪初,起源于美国,现已广泛流传于世界各地,节日日期因地域而存在差异。最广泛的日期在每年6月的第三个星期日,世界上有52个国家和地区是在这一天过父亲节。父亲节快到了,无忧考网为大家精心准备了以下内容,供大家阅读,希望能帮助到大家!


  Today is Father's Day, I send what gift for Dad is good? Thought to want to send a card to my father or the most meaningful. Because I was still small, it is a long body of knowledge long period of time, not money. So I send this special gift to my father the most appropriate, but also makes sense!

  My parents, with me, take care of me, send me to go to school, I do not know how much to spend manpower and material resources, and with the money I do not know how many, I grateful! To thank the parents upbringing, I took this Father's Day special buy greeting cards, write something from the heart: I keep in mind my loving parents, in school, listen to the teacher, to comply with school discipline, study hard, learn the skills , grow up to become useful to the country of the material, repay their parents care. I wish Happy Father's Day!

  I believe that my father saw this special gift, he must have felt my heart very happy! Not hold anything against it? Otherwise, he would secretly clapping and cheering for me too! If not, to my mother for money, bought a precious gift for father, my father would say: "? Who is buying these gifts to give you money." I thought: he not only will not praise me, I will provoke to a cursed ah!

  Dad, I wish you a happy Father's Day!







  The third Sunday in June is father's day.


  To be honest, I don't like foreign festivals very much. But this festival, whether it's foreign products or local specialties, is worth living. For father, there are too many feelings in my heart, which are deeply buried in my heart. Over the years, my father has given me the feeling of speechless and deep, maybe the rough and indifferent of men, maybe the pride and forthright of men However, my father's "back" is the most touching and meaningful.


  Many years ago, when I read Zhu Ziqing's back, my inner feelings were not very deep. However, when I reviewed back a few days ago, my inner feelings were very delicate, strong and sentimental Tears, on the inadvertent slide down the face. In the bewilderment of tears, I saw the bleak back of a helpless father, as well as the increasingly vicissitudes of his father's face Indeed, fatherly love is a deep and great feeling that can't be contained in a single word at will.


  This year's father's day, I think of my father. Although it's not far from where he lives, I can see and feel him at any time. But, still willing to quietly aftertaste my father, that feeling, warm, sour When I was a child, my father's arms were the place to be coquettish. My father's arms were the warmest place. My father's language was the most intimidating When I was a child, my father was the stepping stone I looked up to, the paradise I frolic in, and the comfort of my illness Father is the pillar of the whole family, the sky of the family, an indestructible and lofty mountain! How many days, father for our family, industrious, hard, struggling How many hardships, the father endure; how many tired, the Father Bear; how many difficulties, the father stood up; came; for home, for children, perhaps the father has grievances, perhaps the father has had no choice, but the father is like a mountain, he has survived, the original, all the hardships can not cross the father's backbone! Every time I see my father working hard because of grandparents, every time I see my father running around because of his children, every time I see my father frowning because of his work, how can I not be heartbroken when I am a child?


  You may have been frustrated and helpless. Don't forget that your father has been standing silently behind you. You may have been sad and desperate. Don't forget that father's deep warm and loving eyes. When you are tired and want to rest, please remember that father's love is the quietest harbor. You can stop your tired heart quietly, and father will use his own width Thick and strong shoulders for you to resist everything, father's care and care will give us a big umbrella, a sail of life boat against the wind and waves!


  Thank you father's day, love your father! Let us love our children in our father's heart, gently, quietly, and lightly, like a gentle breeze, dispelling the melancholy in his heart, like a nourishing cream, fading away the mark of his brow, such as a classic old song, bringing back a long, pleasant afterthought.


  Filial piety is the most important of all virtues! The father's love may not need too much return, but as a child, he should always have a heart of gratitude and show his whole heart to honor his parents, because when the father enters middle age and grows old, what he needs more is the support and encouragement of his children.


  Dear Dad,Today is father’s day, for so many years I’ve been seekig a way to express my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me. Here comes it!

  Thank you for always being there sharing my life when I need you most. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I never feel alone and vulnerable, because you will keep me on the right path. I’m blessed to have you.

  Thank you for offering me education and teaching me how to be a man. You always inspire me not by words, but by what you have done! Your efforts in the work, your loyalty to your friends, your responsibility for the family and your persistence in the life have already set me good examples in my own life.

  Thank you for always appreciating my work, no matter how tiny it is! You have made me realize that it’s capacity not scores that really counts.

  Dad, I love you and I will love you forever!







  Is father's day on June 21, in a minute, I'm going to in tomorrow gave dad a father's day gift, because dad usually are very good to me, but send what good? All of a sudden, I think can send father on father's day CARDS.

  To send the father's day greeting card, I took out a piece of paper to draw up, I drew a very lovely boy is laughing because I hope dad can also be as happy as he is.

  I often am especially busy dad came home he haven't back to I get out of bed he didn't, so we together of the time is very precious. Although he was particularly busy but he will still have some time, and I play with a sometimes I failed the exam scores it smiled said nothing work harder next time try to do a good job in the result, when I was coming home with good grades, he'll be happy but after a while he is very seriously not proud.

  Do I put it after the father's day CARDS to dad's document generation, hope he will be very happy after see tomorrow.

  The next day, when my dad came back from work, I saw my father was very happy, I know dad must see I sent to his father's day, and greeting CARDS.







  Today is the annual father's day, when I ask where is mom dad, mom asked me to do, I say: "today is father's day, I prepared a father's father's day gift for my father." Mother asked me what it is, I say is confidential.

  I went to a restaurant, dad in, kissed on dad's face, and said, "dad, I wish you a happy holiday." Mother suddenly enlighted, said: "you father's father's day gift is well, really precious!"

  At noon, I'm going to give my dad a gift, this gift, although is not very good, but, dad, I am sure that you think I'm a good gift, this gift is two posters, these two posters are two of my favorite posters, because, this is two posters, stickers, now that I love, the father should also be like.

  I still have some words want to say to my father: "dad, you were laborious, you always trust, never hit me, scold me. Not when the mother angry, you can make mom feel relieved, I admire you!" If, dad what like today, I must buy my father; What if, dad wanted to play, I must play with my father; What if dad want to reading, I must show my dad; If dad want to... Today, my father wanted me to do, I will do, because, today is father's day.

  Father's day, father was very happy, because my gift to dad dad is very like, and I one day performance is very good, dad told me that this is he received the best gift for father's day.



  到了快中午的时候,我打算再给爸爸一个礼物, 这个礼物虽然不是很好,但是,我相信爸爸一定觉得我送的礼物很好,这个礼物就两张贴画,这两张贴画是我最喜欢的两张贴画,因为,这两张贴画都是跑跑卡丁车的贴画,既然我喜欢,那爸爸也应该喜欢了。




  With the rotation of the time, we ushered in the father's day.

  Today, you good father to send blessings for you? Let us bless my father! You can go on QQ for father to send sincere blessings! However, I still don't think I am in the father's day to father angry, do more for my father can live, on this day, even later, in even forever forever...... Don't make my father angry. Dad is also very love me, want to do everything you can to want to make me happy, including riding a bicycle.

  Remember in June of this year? I want to learn the bicycle suddenly dad just don't think after the brain thinking, take me into the yard, first of all, I can't get on the car, dad said to me: "don't be afraid of, dad!" So, I muster up courage to sit on the bike, dad behind very balanced pushing me, "dad, you see, if I really like the ride?" At this time, I looked back a look, dad is not behind me, I saw dad smiled at me on my side. In this way, I just learned to ride a bike!

  Up to now, I already ride a bicycle very well. But, the matter is like a knife cut "engraved" in my heart.

  I'll never forget you, dad.







  Father, how great words; The father love, how beautiful melody. Dear dad, when busy, can you find such a festival of father's day?

Today, is my dad's first holiday, I carefully prepared a card, then tape posted a petal in the upper left corner. It with the aromatic, with my feelings, as the wind blows gently, the beautiful kind hearts float into dad.

  The father loves the warmth in June and Thanksgiving. When I was in elaborate greeting card, write the handwriting which asm, I hand in trembling, my heart in the jump, the sincere words from time to time pull at my heart!

  In fact, father's love is gentle, father use it rough hands stroked my head; Dad with his warm words of comfort me; When he humorous language make me laugh... At that time, I really realized the father loves the also gentle.

  Dad is the pillar of the family, when his broad shoulders to assume the burden of the family; When I found a piece of white silk on his head; When I find the wrinkles on his face. My heart is with sour.

  Generation of letters, mostly because their children mother selfless and moved, so for t

  he selfless love left countless love. And for the whole family outside the hustle and bustle of the father? Nothing left.

  Here, I want to sing loudly father's love is great!










  Today is father's day. Seeing that my father hasn't come back from work, I decided to do one thing for him on father's day. What should I do? I think about it. I think of cooking two dishes.


  Say do it, I first wash the cabbage, then open fire and pour the oil into the pot. As soon as the oil is hot, I hear the sound of "crackling" and splash a lot of oil. I pour the dishes into the pot and listen to the sound of "Zi". I hold the spatula in my right hand, hold the handle in my left hand, and quickly turn the dishes over and over. The stir fried dishes do not make a "rustling" sound. Sometimes if I'm afraid of oil splashing on my hand, I'll turn it over twice quickly and stay away from the pot. I hurriedly put salt into MSG and MSG into salt. When I was about to put it on the plate, I found it was misplaced. But I was so worried that I had no choice but to make cabbage soup with fried cabbage.


  For the second course, I'd like to fry tomato and eggs. I washed the dishes as usual, put the pot on the stove, "pa" I turned on the gas stove, this time I learned from the last experience, first pour in the oil, when the pot is smoking, it means it's hot again, so I can pour the dishes in. Therefore, I pour the scrambled egg juice into the pot, and the egg immediately bubbles up after entering the pot. I take a spoon and turn it from right to right, then turn it from left to right. When the egg is stir fried, pour the cut tomato into it and stir it for several times, turn off the fire, sprinkle the salt, and then turn it over to put it on the plate.


  In the evening, my father saw the two dishes I fried and asked me what day it was. I told my father that it was father's day. I wanted to do something for my father on father's day, so I thought of this. My father was very happy and praised me as a good child.







  Tomorrow is fathers day, and my fathers busy figure is shaking in front of my eyes, how can I express my love for my father? Id like to go, oh, yeah, thats the way to do it.

  Fathers day came, and I said to my mother, "mom, today is fathers day. Lets give dad a surprise." "Mom said," ok." I put it on my mothers ear and whispered, "we are..."

  My mother and I messed up the house, as if we didnt know anything. Dad went home, looked at his house and asked, "do you know what day it is?" My mother said, "let me see, is the world anti-drug day?" "No." Dad pointed to the day on the clock. I cried out, "its our banjis birthday!" Dad listened, as if his heart were broken.

  Baba bowed his head and entered the room. My mother and I broke into the room and said, "happy fathers day!" Then my father hugged me and mom, and we all laughed.

  This is my happiest day of the year.


  Yesterday was Father‘s Day. I had planned to give my father a present. But I didn‘t remember it until in the morning.It was too late to post a card to him. So I decided to buy something. When I was in the department store. I found it was not easy for me to choose something right for him.

  Suddenly I got an idea. I ran home and opened my computer. I made a beautiful card and mailed him through the Internet. then I began to make supper. When father came home, he was very glad to find a big meal on the table. then I asked him to check his e-mail. He was amazed to find a beautiful card in his e-mail-box.

  What a wonderful surprise!




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