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2015年3月GMAT作文真题:citrus fruit

2015-03-13 13:46:00 无忧考网

2015年3月GMAT作文真题:citrus fruit
 citrus fruit(与上月相似)


  citrus fruit的价格在过去十年增长很多。一个M超市11年前卖柠檬5美分一个,现在卖30美分一个。11年中只有一年天气不好影响了citrus fruit的生产。所以citrus growers应该对价格上涨负责,并且要使用相关政策



  The following is taken from an editorial in a local newspaper.

  “Over the past decade, the price per pound of citrus fruit has increased substantially. Eleven years ago, Megamart charged 5 cents apiece for lemons, but today it commonly charges over 30 cents apiece. In only one of these last eleven years was the weather unfavorable for growing citrus crops. Evidently, then, citrus growers have been responsible for the excessive increase in the price of citrus fruit, and strict pricing regulations are needed to prevent them from continuing to inflate prices.”


  1. 因果关系:种植者抬价并不是影响因素,可能还有环境保护、加工价格上升、人力成本上升,或者通货膨胀等因素。Monetary inflation, increased distribution and labor costs, or alterations in supply and demand conditions the growers’ desire for increased profits.

  2. 无理由假设:天气好,所以果树的产量一定高。The editorial rests on a unconvincing assumption that the bad weather in only one of these last eleven years leads to the yield’s reduction in citrus fruit.

  3. 错误类比:柠檬和橘类水果类比不正确,柠檬有其特殊性,譬如柠檬都是进口的,比较贵,因此不具有可比性。


  In this editorial the author argues for the imposition of strict pricing regulations in order to prevent citrus growers from continued inflation of prices of citrus fruit. The need for such regulation is supported by the author’s contention that citrus growers have been unnecessarily raising prices of citrus fruit in the past. The evidence for this allegation is the fact that the price of lemons at Megamart has increased from 15 cents per pound to over a dollar a pound during the preceding 11-year period. The author maintains that this increase is unjustifiable because weather conditions have been favorable to citrus production in all but one of those years. This argument is flawed for several reasons.

  First and foremost, the author assumes that the only factor that influences the price of citrus fruit is the weather. Other factors such as monetary inflation, increased distribution and labor costs, or alterations in supply and demand conditions are completely ignored as possible sources for the increase. The charge that citrus growers have unnecessarily raised prices can be sustained only if these and other possible factors can be completely ruled out as contributing to the price increases. Since the author fails to address these factors, the recommendation calling for strict pricing regulations can be dismissed out of hand as frivolous.

  Second, the author assumes that the only way to combat increased prices is through government intervention. In a free enterprise system many other means of affecting the pricing of goods are available. For example, boycotting a product and thereby influencing supply and demand conditions of the commodity is an effective means of influencing the price of the product. In a free market economy the call for price regulation by the government should occur only when all other means to rectify the problem have been exhausted.

  In conclusion, the author’s argument is unconvincing. To strengthen the argument it would be necessary to show that the only factor influencing the price increases is the growers’ desire for increased profits.

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