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China's central authorities have outlined a series of new guidelines on improving the country's market economic mechanism. These measures are contained in a communiqué issued on Tuesday at the end of a plenary session of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee.
  One way of doing so is to perfect a market economy of public, collective and private ownership, with public ownership still as the main pillar. But the communiqué also stipulates that the share-holding system should be the main form in realizing public ownership so as to revitalize the state sector. Private capital will be allowed in infrastructure construction.

  Another step is to build an integrated nationwide market to encourage the free flow of capital and commodities.

  During the four-day meeting, more than 300 Central Committee members and alternative members examined and approved a work report by the Political Bureau on its work during the past year.

  They also approved a draft proposal with regard to amendments to the state constitution. 161

  1. What does “communiqué” in the 1st passage probably mean?

  A. commune

  B. communication

  C. official report to the public

  D. declaration or statement

  2. According to the 2nd paragraph, “doing so” may refer to

  A. outlining a series of new guidelines.

  B. improving the country's market economic mechanism.

  C. containing measures in a communiqué

  D. issuing it on Tuesday.

  3. According to the passage, which of the following is the major force in a market economy?

  A. public ownership

  B. collective and private ownership

  C. share-holding system

  D. private capital

  4. On what day of the week did the meeting convene?

  A. on Tuesday

  B. four days ago

  C. on Saturday

  D. on Friday

  5. Which of the following is the best title of the passage?

  A. a series of new guidelines

  B. the plenary session of CCPCC

  C. a gist of the communiqué

  D. the four-day meeting of CCPCC


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