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China is already the world's third largest producer of electronics, and becoming a player in the global appliance market. Twenty years ago, U.S., European and Japanese companies started moving into China to supply the local market with household goods. Now those same companies are getting whipped by Chinese competitors. Over the past six years, the market share of foreign TV makers in China has dropped from 70 percent to less than 20 percent. Matsushita opened the first microwave-oven plant in China in 1995. Two years later the Chinese company Galanz started making microwaves and selling them for half Matsushita's price.

  Chinese companies now make more than 43 million TVs yearly. Konka, one of China's largest TV makers, sells its branded TVs in the United States, and has set up factories in Mexico to service the American market; While TCL, another major TV maker, exported 11 million units from its Chinese factories last year. It has more Southeast Asian factories than any other Chinese company. (164 words)

  1. This passage is primarily concerned with

  A. the world's third largest producer of electronics

  B. Chinese electronic companies

  C. China's largest TV makers

  D. the increase of China's electronics

  2. What do “whipped” mean?

  A. beat with a whip

  B. won

  C. defeated

  D. suffered

  3. What is the decreased rate of the market share of foreign TV makers in China?

  A. 70%

  B. 20%

  C. 50%

  D. 20%--70%

  4. When did Galanz start making and selling microwaves?

  A. 1993

  B. 1994

  C. 1995

  D. 1997

  5. Which of the following produces more TV sets?

  A. Galanz

  B. Konka

  C. TCL

  D. Unknown


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